Poster A Day: Favorites

Thirty straight days of poster designs completed! When I began, I was worried I wouldn't be able to come up with enough ideas to fill 30 days. Surprisingly, once I began I had a hard time focusing on one idea at a time! I've read often that you can't sit around and wait for inspiration to strike, you need to get to work. My 30 day experiment illustrated that truth for me.

I tried to spend no more than an hour on each poster each day, though sometimes ideas I had didn't end up working out, or I got particularly excited about certain ideas and got carried away. I don't love every poster I designed but it was a great way to try out some different ideas without too much pressure and I learned some new things along the way. This may be an experiment I repeat every so often as a way to explore new ideas and techniques and to keep my creativity fresh. And it's always fun to do design work that is just for me.

Here are a few of my favorite posters from the past month. 

As a side note, I also discovered some really great music! I compiled a playlist of every song I created a poster for which can be found below. I can't say these songs really make sense in a playlist together, but they're all great and worth listening to!